Meet  Ben

Over the last two decades, Ben Bowen has been at the helm of four companies in the IT, tech and marketing spaces. He's currently the CEO of Open Door Media. His success in growing these companies into long-lasting ventures comes from implementing sales focused, employee-led strategy and culture. He is a serial entrepreneur that believes in balancing his for-profit and non-profit efforts. Generally speaking, he is obsessed with helping good people grow great companies.

Along the way, Ben’s worked with thousands of business leaders, picking up on the things that make entrepreneurs tick and companies thrive. He recently has exposed the pitfalls of being “Comfortably Profitable”. This is a state that we all need to understand and guard ourselves against.

This site shares his insights on growth, innovation and making money work for the better. He shows how private sector leaders can constantly drive for expansion while caring for their people at same time.

And that’s what sets him apart: he cares about the impact his businesses have on his staff, his peers and his community at the same time he cares about growing and innovating his companies.

Ben loves to share what he’s learned with small and large groups, from the C-suite to the ground floor. To book Ben for a speaking engagement on business growth, click here.


945 Princess Street

Kingston, ON

K7L 3N6